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Of child sleep disturbances resolve in 14 days or less with Restfully

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  • Providing 24/7 Sleep Support
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"Restfully solved our unique situation from Emma's nap struggles. Our sleep support coash was there to make any adjustments along the way."

Josh and Jessica

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How The Restfully 14-Day Sleep Program Works

Restfully resolves 94% of child sleep disturbances in 14 days or less.

Restfully's 14-day sleep program combines developmentally appropriate recommendations backed by science with on-demand coaching to customize a sleep program specifically for you and your family using our smart technology along with human touch.

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  • Developmentally, age-appropriate sleep plan
  • One-on-one daily guidance and support from your pediatric sleep coach
  • In-app sleep tracking and coach chat to successfully reach your sleep goals

Evidence-Based Guidance Approved by Pediatricians

Proven Science

We utilize scientifically-backed pediatric sleep principles combined with evidence-based approaches to develop a standard of care regimen in all our products.

Sleep Data

We're demystifying pediatric sleep problems by using data to pinpoint individual needs and personalize our program for the sleep needs of each child.

Empathic Coaching

Restfully clients work with one of our highly trained pediatric sleep coaches certified to analyze individual data and provide the support needed to achieve each family's sleep goals.

Have questions?

How much does it cost?

The costs are broken into the initial level of care for the first month at $399 and the on-going support at $30/mo

Does my FSA or HSA plan cover Restfully Pediatric Sleep Support?

Customers have been able to be reimbursed through their HSA/FSA plan in many instances. Coverage is dependent on your plan provider. Restfully will work to issue any relevant information when filing a claim.

How does Restfully support promote healthy pediatric sleep?

Restfully uses methods approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics and adheres to all safe sleep guidelines. We teach parents to utilize positive sleep habits in order to form confidence in themselves and trust in their child. Restfully uses each child's individual sleep data to customize scheduling and achieve consistency. The objective is always to maximize the total sleep of a child. We provide continued support and education to solve acute sleep disturbances, and disturbances that may come as your child grows through our subscription offering.

Money Back Guarantee

The Restfully team takes your mental, emotional, financial well being seriously.

Restfully resolves 94% of child sleep disturbances in 14 days or less.

If we cannot achieve data verified improvement within 14 days, you may request a full refund, no questions asked.

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